More Coal with DSI: Extension of Cook Colliery in Australia

Rising petrol prices govern our time. This is one of the main reasons why coal production is still an important alternative to other raw materials in Australia. The Cook Mine, situated 30km south of Blackwater in Queensland, Australia, hosts a robust resource base estimated to be 126 million tones of coking coal. The Cook Mine produces a low ash coking coal that is a recognized brand in the coking coal market. The Cook Mine’s resource base is currently being mined from two underground coal seams.

After its extraction, the coal is delivered to the Cook wash plant, which is located 14km north of the mine. Subsequently, the coal is transported by rail to the port of Gladstone, 315km away.

In order to satisfy the high demand for coal in the future, the owner, Caledon Resources, decided to gradually increase production to a level of 100,000t per month. To achieve this goal, the traditional shuttle car conveyors were replaced by a continuous haulage system. In addition, the mine invested in a new continuous bolter/miner that allows simultaneous roadway development and stabilization.

As a specialist in mine stabilization, DSI Australia provided numerous innovative products for the extension and modernization of the coal mine. For stabilizing the new roadways, DSI supplied products such as rock bolts, anchor plates and resin cartridges. DSI Australia is pleased to have assisted Caledon Resources with increasing its production at Cook Colliery by providing high-quality products.

Caledon Resources, QLD, Australia

DSI Unit
DSI Australia, Bennetts Green, NSW, Australia
DSI Scope
Supply of rock anchors, anchor plates and resin cartridges 
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