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FASLOC® Resin Cartridges

Gel time @ 55°FMix Table
Spin Times, Sec.
Product Type150 RPM300 RPM600 RPM800 RPM
B-Fast, TRN.R.6-73-43
1/2 minute, QC112-156-83-53-4
1 minute12-156-83-83-6
1-1/2 minute12-156-83-83-6
2 minute12-156-83-83-6
2-4 minute12-156-83-83-6
7 minute12-156-83-83-6
N.R. - Not recommended

Cartridge Diameters

Nominal diameters for both imperial and metric are available. Diameters are as follows:

0.9"23 mm
1"25 mm
1-1/8"28 mm
1-3/16"30 mm
1-1/4"32 mm
1-3/8"35 mm
1-9/16"40 mm


The FASLOC® resin in the cartridge is used to anchor bolts to the surrounding strata. This unification of the resin, bolt and strata layers provides the necessary strength and rigidity to prevent sag by acting as a reinforcement which anchors the individual stratified layers of rock into a single high strength beam.

The two-compartment cartridge shown in illustration A above consists of a heat-sealed tube of polyester film clipped at both ends. One compartment contains a dark gray resin; the other, a light gray catalyst. A cross section of the cartridge is shown in illustration B.

A film barrier of heat sealed polyester film prevents migration between the resin and the catalyst to provide optimum shelf life. The excellent chemical resistance of the film minimizes migration from the inside and the absorption of contaminants from the outside.

The light-weight, dimensionally stable casing of film is strong enough to withstand rough handling, but shreds quickly and thoroughly during the installation procedure.

FASLOC® is thixotropic and fast setting. This reduces viscosity during insertion of the bolt and permits relatively low installation force and torque. The results are fast installation, rapid achievement of full strength, and a minimum tendency for ungelled resin to drip from the holes during installation.

B. Cross Section

FASLOC® Resin Cartridge


Performance Data

  1. Figure 1 represents the range of anchorage strengths for estimating requirements.
  2. Depending upon the compressive strength of the rock being considered, the diameter of the hole may affect the anchorage strength - the larger the diameter, the larger the contact area.
  3. Pull test under field conditions should be used to determine actual requirements.
  4. Gel times are faster when temperatures exceed 55°F and slower when temperatures are below 55°F.
  5. For RPM not shown in the Mix Table, determine minimum spin time based on 30 revolutions.
  6. For 1-minute and lower gel times, the spin times indicated exceed the minimum 30 revolutions necessary for mixing. The additional spin times generates heat to achieve the stated gel times.
  7. Mixing the resin and catalyst components in a cartridge creates a strong three dimensional polymer matrix that is reinforced with limestone filters. Most of the anchorage strength is reached in 5 to 10 times the product gel time.



FASLOC® Performance Data

FASLOC® Resin Cartridges Polyester resin anchoring system Performance Data
FASLOC® Resin Cartridges Polyester resin anchoring system Performance Data


FASLOC® has been a leading supplier of polyester resin cartridges to the mining industry for over 30 years. FASLOC® resin cartridges allow for quick and reproducible anchoring of many varieties of bolts and cables. In mine roof support, FASLOC® systems reinforce strata, providing strength and rigidity in untensioned systems, and ensure a durable anchorage for FASLOC® resin grouted tensioned bolts. The reinforcement technique bonds the individual stratified layers of rock into a single, high strength beam. FASLOC® resin cartridge can also be used in many other reinforcement, stabilization, and anchoring applications. The reliability of the anchorage system, plus ease of use and minimal resin setting times, will increase productivity and safety.

Storage Recommendations

For maximum shelf life, FASLOC® cartridges should be stored away from direct sunlight in a reasonably cool, well-ventilated, dry area. Storage life is up to 1 year, depending on ambient temperature conditions. Under adverse conditions, shelf-life is reduced. To ensure proper storage, the product should not be subjected to temperatures in excess of 85°F for prolonged periods. Storage is recommended under cover, on original pallets with adequate ventilation. If stored in trailers in hot weather, door should be left ajar or a sun screen erected over the trailer. Conversely, while cold storage does not adversely affect the shelf-life of FASLOC®, it should be warmed to a range of 50°-60°F before using to assure gel times within the specified range (see Figure 2). The time required for cases of FASLOC® to warm or cool to ambient temperature is dependent on both the initial temperature and how the cases are stacked. Where the initial temperature is anywhere between 25° and 85°F, cases will come within 5° of ambient temperature in 48 hours when stacked in single columns with 4 sides of each case exposed to the air. Multiple columns should be separated by at least 2 inches to assist air circulation between columns.


The proprietary FASLOC® package has a distinct advantage over other resin systems due to:

  • High catalyst/resin ratio
  • Uniform installation time
  • Mixing efficiency

Cartridge Lengths

Cartridges are available in lengths from 12" to 60".

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