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Cable Tensioner Mark2

Cable Tensioner Mark2 For tensioning cables and installing plates


A light weight and unique way for pre-loading cable bolts, the DSI Cable Tensioner Mark2 grips the end of the cable bolt and tensions it, leaving only a short tail protruding from the bearing plate (approx. 6 inch). The Cable Tensioner is a single hydraulic ram driven by an air/hydraulic pump or by machine hydraulics. hydraulics.

  • The jack weighs 25 lbs. The entire kit (jack and pump) weighs 51lbs.
  • Two grip handles allow for operation by one person.
  • Unit locks on the cable, until lanyard is pulled to release spring loaded grippers.
  • Can be configured for all cable bolts, from 0.6" to 0.7" and the DSI 0.9" HITEN cable bolt.
  • Capacity: 48,500 lbs
  • Bleed off: 15% i.e. cable lock-off load is 85% of pulling force due to seating loss. (for a typical 12ft bolt) 



Install the plate and wedge barrel with wedge on the end of the cable bolt.

Push the Cable Tensioner on. It will self-lock onto the cable.

Tension bolt to the desired load per hydraulic gage included with the unit.

After stressing, the Cable Tensioner is easily removed by pulling on the lanyard to release the internal grippers.

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